Preparation of 2-iodobenzoic acid

For my first chemistry post in a long time, I prepared 2-iodobenzoic acid from anthranilic acid using the Sandmeyer reaction. In the first step, the diazonium salt is formed by reaction of nitrous acid with anthranilic acid (nitrous acid is formed in situ from sodium nitrite and HCl). In the second step, potassium iodide is … Continue reading Preparation of 2-iodobenzoic acid


Texium Labs 3.0 Reveal

For the last year since I moved for college, I have been working on building a new lab space. I moved all of my equipment and furniture from my old lab, and have acquired some more since then. I built my own working fume hood, since the new lab is in a garage with no … Continue reading Texium Labs 3.0 Reveal

Update on Martius Yellow- Don’t mix with acetone!

As it turns out, the crystals of "Martius yellow" that I recovered from the acetone washings are truthfully not Martius yellow. Unfortunately, I failed to realize this until after I recrystallized my entire supply. The compound, while also an intensely colored yellow-orange dye, is much darker in the solid form than Martius yellow acid. It … Continue reading Update on Martius Yellow- Don’t mix with acetone!