A Collaborative Weekend

Two weekends ago, Sciencemadness member (and good friend) Amos happened to be in Austin for vacation, so we met up and though we didn't have much time, we were still able to do some chemistry together. Anthocyanin Extraction from Mealy Sage During the spring in the Texas Hill Country, the landscape is filled with wildflowers, … Continue reading A Collaborative Weekend


Update on Martius Yellow- Don’t mix with acetone!

As it turns out, the crystals of "Martius yellow" that I recovered from the acetone washings are truthfully not Martius yellow. Unfortunately, I failed to realize this until after I recrystallized my entire supply. The compound, while also an intensely colored yellow-orange dye, is much darker in the solid form than Martius yellow acid. It … Continue reading Update on Martius Yellow- Don’t mix with acetone!